EWMI believes that a system of impartial and efficient justice is a cornerstone of fair and prosperous societies. We improve the administration of justice in emerging democracies by strengthening the capacity of the people and institutions that deliver it, and making sure it is accessible to all.

We believe that courts should be both independent and accountable. We work with them to reduce delays and improve transparency, and we help ensure that judges are appointed, promoted and disciplined in a manner free from political influence. We help create local judicial and legal training centers so that judges, prosecutors and lawyers are better equipped to perform their crucial roles. By also focusing on improvements in basic legal education at universities, we help develop a new generation of legal professionals who possess more practical skills and understand how law can be a vehicle for social change.

EWMI understands that a justice system is not just if it is beyond the reach of the poor and the vulnerable. We help expand the breadth and quality of legal aid and we develop innovative public awareness campaigns so that people understand their rights and how to exercise them. We also encourage civil society groups to mobilize their constituencies to monitor the courts and push for improvements in the justice system.