EWMI Programs in Global


EWMI takes pride in its commitment to its local partners, and established the Partner Legacy Support Program in 2013 as a mechanism to continue to fund its partners around the world. To date, EWMI has accepted donations from individuals, foundations, and donor advised funds for partners in Cambodia, Kosovo and Liberia that promote access to justice for the most vulnerable groups in various political, economic and cultural contexts.


The Open Development Initiative (ODI) is an open data and information network developed by EWMI that sheds light on development trends in the Lower Mekong Basin. The lower Mekong basin is a trans-boundary ecosystem shared by 6 countries providing a central livelihood and food security to 65 million people as the largest inland fishery in the world.


USAID’s new Partners for Financial Stability Program (PFS) is a three-year regional program that builds upon USAID and EWMI's prior work in the financial sector while addressing some of the key challenges posed by the global financial crisis in the partner countries in Southeast Europe and Eurasia. The PFS Program supports financial sector development by bringing together regional players from partner and mentor countries to address regional challenges, promote the adoption and implementation of international best practices, and to share experience and lessons learned.